Friday, 30 March 2012

30 BJD Things in 150 Days #13, #23 and #7

The sun has decided to come! and I have to say I'm really loving it!

I have been getting in some good face-up practice with all this sunshine, and I'm seeing some improvement!
I finished the Face-up for number #13 and #23 yesturday, but I just finished taking the Photos for my "photostory" post. Okay it's not a photo story it's just going into the gallery, but when I took the photos I was planning on it being a photo story, so it's the thought that counts and I'm ticking it off the list anyway xD

I wasn't planning on doing Sorao's new face-up so soon, but about two days after the meet-up, I discovered some of the pastels had come off her nose, so I just re-did the whole thing ><
I think her's really shows my improvement, and my pics don't show it at all. I didn't give her brow hairs in this one as I wanted to see how that would look, and her lips are very soft. the face-up is more pinky IRL ><

So here's some pictures!

Sorao, still need eyelash practice

Orophen! My first boy face-up. 
God he looks tan, bleh!

Sorry for bathroom shots, it was dark and it had the best lighting

Minnette's face-up is getting wiped tonight, so I finally took pictures of her, before it left. I want the next one to have a strawberry, cream and peaches feel to it, don't think I'll start it this week tho.

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