Saturday, 24 August 2013

Inspiration Spotlight: Maiya Ng

Long time since I'v done this hey! But this artists is so amazing, I couldn't not right this. 

Maiya Ng caught my eye over on Flickr( Link to her Here )
And WOW! Her face ups. 
She caught my eye again suddenly, after putting up her latest work.

Holly smokes! This propmted me to go through her sets again, haha.

Maiya Ng's style reminds me first and foremost of the very reason I got into dolls. Having been bit by the fairyland bug of late, I'v been looking at a different style of artist, but this picture was a big contrast. A return to the place when BJDs first came into my life and I saw a DoT shall on a forum site. Maiya Ng's entire face-up sets are just as stunning. Her style very much reminds me of the DOTs I fell in love with.

Away from the fairyland and the Luts everything, this style is what made me want to paint doll faces.
I have still a long way to go to find my personal style, but with this picture, I feel inspired to delve more into just what my style will be like. Maiya Ng is just dripping with talent, and she is officially one of my dolly idols.

Going through her gallery you can also see what an improvement she has made in just two year painting dolls.

From Maiya's commission set, dated 2011

Isn't that the most amazing progress! Maiya Ng is one amazing artist, and I hope she inspired some of you guys, as much as she inspires me. I'll leave now with a couple of my favorites from her gallery.

All photos belong to maiyaeh on Flick'r

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I am joining blog lovin'

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Gap

This is me,  this is me all the time. When I'm painting dolls, sewing or drawing.

I love this sign, because it's just perfect. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


This is just going to be a quick text piece because well, I don't have anyone to talk to about this kind of thing IRL, OR online haha, I'm just too shy for my own good But....

More than anything in this doll hobby, I hope one day I can be good enough to open a commission shop. I know, there are a dime a dozen ones on DoA alone, and almost every artists wants to be able to share their work one day but, I mean I really want this, it's maybe the only real dream I have. I want to be able to see and work with all kinds of doll faces, and capture exactly or as close to, what my client wants, and see what amazing things they will do once the doll leaves my hands. Face-ups are just my most favorite part of this hobby, and I just wish I could do more with it. I have thought of opening something once or twice now, but my work just isn't what I want it to be, I have been at it for a full 12 months now, and I wonder when it will be. I want to be better so I can make beautiful things, and I want to share how much joy I get from this part of the hobby, with others. I wonder if that will ever happen.

I just want to open my own commissions store
I want to work with all sorts of sculpts
I want my store to be regarded for it's wonderful and high quality work
I want to make the ideas of others, into a reality they are satisfied with

Monday, 11 March 2013

Participation Sewing Project [ Round 8 ]

So, I have decided to join the sewing Project decade challenge on DoA. 

I have been meaning to join this thread for awhile now, but this is the first time I actually caught the start of it xD

I decided t pick the 1960s, why? because SKIRTS!!!!

For this project, I'll be making a small petticoat and I THINK, a snap back dress. It may end up being a skirt....but I will aim for a snap back dress. 
I'll be using this tutorial for the top, and just winging it for the skirt. I'll also be making a cropped jacket to go over the top. Here is my inspiration board. 

I'm also trying to make Orophen a new shirt and vest, more fun, yay xD

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Initiating Code Virus

I'v had my girl Virus unstrung for the last... gosh it must be going on six weeks now. Between Family Drama, work, a new job, and extra shift, putting her last coat of sealent on, and stringing her together seemed like a dream away, but I finally got around to it this weekend! 
Virus Ala in her natural "Mode"

I also gave Virus as New face-up

And the final Result?

Yes! Virus is my first COMPLETE doll. She is.... everything I want her character to be. Her eyes are striking and unforgettable, her clothing is distict yet simple and most importantly I HAVE HER THE BESTEST FACE-UP EVER!

I love how it can look all serious, but I can just as easily make her look, sweet and kind. Which is something I always struggled with her character. Virus is a discarded "weapon" so to say. She was created to manipulate other, and when she was thrown out, she feels lost, and uncertain. I needed to show both her killer potential, but her vulnerability as well, and I think it's just perfect!
I'm so happy to have "My" Shall, an she is unlike any other. I can't wait to "finish" all my dolls. I know I will love them all this much ^^

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Let's see the Sun

Irrelevant title, But I wanted to post up a little photoshoot I did almost three weeks ago. It is really starting to heat up, we're almost mid summer. Enjoy!