Saturday, 24 August 2013

Inspiration Spotlight: Maiya Ng

Long time since I'v done this hey! But this artists is so amazing, I couldn't not right this. 

Maiya Ng caught my eye over on Flickr( Link to her Here )
And WOW! Her face ups. 
She caught my eye again suddenly, after putting up her latest work.

Holly smokes! This propmted me to go through her sets again, haha.

Maiya Ng's style reminds me first and foremost of the very reason I got into dolls. Having been bit by the fairyland bug of late, I'v been looking at a different style of artist, but this picture was a big contrast. A return to the place when BJDs first came into my life and I saw a DoT shall on a forum site. Maiya Ng's entire face-up sets are just as stunning. Her style very much reminds me of the DOTs I fell in love with.

Away from the fairyland and the Luts everything, this style is what made me want to paint doll faces.
I have still a long way to go to find my personal style, but with this picture, I feel inspired to delve more into just what my style will be like. Maiya Ng is just dripping with talent, and she is officially one of my dolly idols.

Going through her gallery you can also see what an improvement she has made in just two year painting dolls.

From Maiya's commission set, dated 2011

Isn't that the most amazing progress! Maiya Ng is one amazing artist, and I hope she inspired some of you guys, as much as she inspires me. I'll leave now with a couple of my favorites from her gallery.

All photos belong to maiyaeh on Flick'r

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  1. Great entry; its amazing when this kind of thing happens, and reignites inspiration! : )

    She really is very talented, and reminds me of my old love for DOTs as well. <3