Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hat Box Tutorial

I saw this adorable hatbox idea in a photo the other day, and I really wanted to try it!
So I made a couple boxes, and decided to share the tutorial here as well ^^

Hat boxes for your Doll!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

ABIGALE! in pre-production?

I'm thinking of starting my first photostory, but I'm just really not sure I want to bother with the whPole thing.

I'v had in mind for a while now,a three part series titled "ABIGALE!"
Abigale follows the story of young man suffering from amnesia.
Waking to find his sole memory is the name Abigale, he determines to find this person and discover why he feels so drawn to the name and the person it is attached to. As the search begins tho, there are people wishing 
to entangle the youth, and his simple quest becomes mixed with lies and false impressions. 

Cast List
DoD Sha 
DoD Shall  
DoC Twin-B or Soom Adamelli 

I'v never been confident in my photography tho, and I'm always self conscious of my own stories. I just don't feel like I could create something I would be happy with.  It would also be something I would want to share, but I highly doubt anyone would want to look at it. Maybe a couple views from friends from people I asked to see it, and one or two pity posts. I'm just not sure. 

Pre-production Shot

The photo above is of the bed I finished making yesterday for some of the scenes. I also styled the wig, put clothing on my protagonist, and he looks pretty good considering he has no face-up. The wig is perfect for this character ( but terrible for Orophen, haha ), and I downloaded PaintTool Sai so I can start trying some real photo editing with eyes and lighting ( which I did here ). I think the picture is a great Pre-production shot, with a decent feel for what I want to do, and a good depiction of the character despite it being grainy and...face-up less.

 I just don't feel like it will be good, worth it or....anything. I showed my sister the pic and tried talking to her about it and she was like meh. I feel like if I can't get my own sister to take a look at this, I don't think anyone is going to, and I don't want to go through this whole thing if it's going to rot on my computer, die in the back pages of DoA, or just be another set of bad pictures on flik'r. I'll put in all this hard work, get nine views over the entire trilogy and maybe one comment for each. Or maybe I'm just wrong for waning a little acknowledgment when I put in effort. 
I'm just really not sure I want to bother with the whole thing...

Friday, 20 July 2012

For the BJD owner on a Budget!

Hello total of six blog readers xD

Very little doll happening's here while I save to go to Melbourne, but I wanted to quickly introduce to you to an up and coming website I think has allot of potential in the doll community.

Rags to Resin

( I can't get their nifty little banner to work darn it )
Rags to Resin in a website all about being in the doll hobby on a budget. It only has a few articles up right now, but they are a smashing read and really well written in a casual yet informative style.

They also have a FaceBook group, so go Like them there too if you're interested in seeing more ^^

Hope everyone is weather as sunny as it is here!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Photo post

After waiting what seem like AGES! I My LeekeWorld GO finally arrived! Even the Host pmed me to check if they had arrived yet, but woe is the Australian postal service.
So I'll let the photos do most of the talking for me, shall I?

Lovely note and appropriately named gift tea

Shoes bought with Cadence in mind are definitely giving me
 a Lamalass and  Orophen vibe. Oh well, it's not like Cadence hasn't
 got four pairs as is, haha

Season Limited Colour.
Thought it was grey in the box, but it's icy blue!

Season Limited Colour

I'm SUPER inspired by all these wigs, and I suddenly remember each purpose I brought them for. 80% of them are for Dreari but I also got two for Lamalass, and one for Orophen, which I am not loving.... but c'est la vie. I'm highly looking forward to using the two red wigs I have for a Songsstory photoshoot that's been in my head the last few weeks, and the brown wig I have will be wonderful for a Victroia Francais inspired idea. I'm gonna need to order some MSC to keep up with all the face ups I want to give Dreari, HA!

Also on the cards I have a few sewing projects of outfits for these wigs that I will keep posted.
In the mean time I'm also sewing a Petticoat for my Boyfriend's Mother, a lolita miniskirt for my sister,a dn I want to make an SD bed for another photo story AS WELL AS making another Hime Gyaru dress for and playing Sims2/Catherine on Xbox and fidgeting with my new old Camera xD

Speaking off, I brought some dolly Re-ment props back from Brisbane with me. Very exciting time for dolls in the house, and I will be a worn out Jasmine by the end of it, phew


Did I mention
I also finished paying off my FL Body
I'm still waiting on my Souldoll body
I really need to get around to doing a ForMyDoll order
Doll meet up is on the 28th
My latest want is for a Gorillapod for photos, like crazy  <3

Thanks for reading!