Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eye sizes

Took some photos of the 14mm eyes in my dolls. I'm getting much better at positioning eyes! When I first started they were just deer in head lights, but now I can actually get them to look less dead, haha. Still working on emotion, but Im' hoping sure that once I master how to draw eyebrows, my face-ups themselves will add some emotion to them.

14mm DoC

14mm DOT

14mm Soom Minette ( Excuse the unclean head )

Tender eye DoT ( You can see the blue-tak in the corners of his eyes )

And finally, we're having another doll meet on the 12th of May! This time with a theme! Something Red.
We're only meant to bring one red item for the doll/s we're bringing to wear, but I got an idea at work and now I just gotta have it for the meet , haha. 

I guess it's a bit Ero Lolita. I want to do a more crimson based face-up to go with  it, and a little red diamond/heart outline on her cheek or lip. Inspired the Illmasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection.
Rather than have wiring in the skirt, I plan to do it H.Naoto Cage skirt style, but i wonder how it will look sans peticoat....

Still have no idea what Cadence will wear, haha

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Looking at You! [ Pic Heavy ]

So my eye order finally came in!

I ordered nine pairs of eyes from Captured in Glass over on DoA and here's a GETS post of what I got and a small review.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Birthday Wishes

Nothing crazy to report just MORE DOLL ORDERS! Oh gosh, when did I get so addicted?

I mentioned in my original post about my Shale head, that finding a Soom TinyGem body is near impossible. It still is, but apparently Souldoll Resin is a good match, so I put it on my list of wants, after more wigs, more eyes, a heap of clothes and a Minifee. In short, she wasn't getting her body for another few years. But I was still averse to having a doll head lying around that I couldn't use. ( Lamalass is a special case )
So everybody who knows me, knows I'v been only asking for one thing for my upcoming birthday and that would be a SoulDoll SoulKid body in WS.

Boyfriend said no, because apparently he has something better planned
Mum said no because they can't afford it ( and Mum can't work an online order form )
And I'm not going to ask my housemates/friends to drop $204, not including, shipping, on me. 
But! My sister mentioned it to my Dad and VIOLA! I'm on MSN sending them the site link!
He was actually surprised at how 'cheap' she was, he was expecting higher end $500-ish. But nope. I wouldn't have asked for her if that was the case.
So now I have a SoulKid Body in preperation to be sent to me. I don't think it will arrive in time for my birthday, but I have yet to check SDoll waiting times. Hope it's not too awful ><

I'll post some concepts pics Later. But I can say she's going to have a pastel/casual theme, with Teal / Aquamarine eyes and pink hair. 

Also I ordered a handful of wigs, and a pair of shoes in a Leeke GO. I should have them in about two months, but mostly I'm just waiting on eyes right now. They still have not arrived. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012



I had really, really hopped to do a box opening for this one, but with the way things worked out, it just didn't happen, which makes me kinda of sad, but it's mostly over shadowed by the fact I have a new doll xD

Her condition when she arrived was not super amazing, but nothing, oh my gosh bad. Her owner had told me she didn't entirely remove the old face-up, so I expected that, but her body was also a bit finger smudged and there was hot glue sueding in her joints. But my main issue is the scratch just above her right breast that I really wasn't expecting. She was also Sanded to remove seams, and has yellowed slightly around the sanded parts. 

I unstrung her and gave her a good clean down, which got rid of all the dirt, and right now she's got a coating of toothpaste on her to help remove some the yellowing. That gash is my only real issue, but it's nowhere I can't hide easily. I'll wash off the paste tomorrow and take a few snap shots before I start working on a face-up. I'm thinking of something with real ruby red lips. But so far, no idea! But at last I can use that pretty wig for what I intended ^^

 I do have a coupled bad quality picture to share tho!

Look at those eyes, I Just love them!
Close-up of the scratch

Sunday, 1 April 2012

30 BJD Things in 150 Days - Reflection!

Today marks the end of my 30 BJD Things in 150 Days Challenge.
It was a big 150 day, and its surprising everything that can happen in a third of a year.

I really enjoyed this challenge, particularly in the last few weeks when I really got into it.
I didn't finish allot of items on the list, there are a few I still want to do.

It was a great experience to do and helped me get much more into my doll hobby, and I learnt allot and grew as a doll owner from it. I also have several new things I want to do because of inspiration I gained from completing task. I know it wasn't followed en mass, but It was documented well, just for me,and that's what matters most!

So here is a link to all the completed tasks

Final Tally  10/ 30
ooooo, I thought I did better than that ><

Well I could have done allot better, but as said, this was a fun experience.
I still plan on doing some of the items on the list, like a joint photo story with a local BJD enthusiast, Give Minette a Tan, and make a photostory, but those are things I can do at my own pace.