Saturday, 16 June 2012

Non Dolly Post

I haven't purchased something over $300 outside of my doll and lolita hobbies for a while, so this one gets a special post. 

Today I went out and brought home a new box, what was inside? Not a doll, or shoes, or even some glittery piece of jewelry ( Much better than that ). 
Oh it's so beautiful, I love it to pieces already, and I'm just posting this quickly before I run off to to give a full work out on Portal. I'v never had a computer that won't lag on sims, or can run graphics at a high level before, so I'm so exited to finally have a laptop to be proud of! ^^

Check out my Crobidoll Mouse-pad to go with it! Tei is such a cutie.

Friday, 8 June 2012


I spoke to soon! The moment after posting my GETS! post, what arrives? My MonstroDesign order from Etsy.  Alright, stuff grab pictures!

What can I say about MonstroDesigns?
Stock didn't take long to make, or arrive
Products are a really great quality, LOVE THOSE WIGS!
I guess my only 'complaint' would be the packaging had a little to be desired. They were just stuffed in a box, no protection on anything but the glasses. Not really a biggie, But I would have liked them mm... maybe in a bag in the box. But seriously, wonderful quality on all accounts! Wish I was half as talented as the chick who makes this stuff,  just great ^^

You may also noticed Drea is again wearing's not intentional, just red is my favorite colour! Everything looks better in red, so I can't help but reflect that in my doll buys, and Drea is just sort of languid to wear what I like her to. I think she is getting a bit lonely being the only MSD in the house tho, but it will be fixed soon enough. 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dolly GETS! [Pic Heavy]

Yeah, haha, very late in posting this, but I finally got everything in the mail!
I received 90% dolls stuff I ordered, including the shiny mica/micca? pigments from pearl-Ex and am just waiting on my MonstroDesigns order from Etsy.

                                         Picked these up from The Sunday Markets at Willows.
                                               First pic is MSD hand for scale, second is SD hand for scale

Cadence got new threads! Pants are Dollmore Model pants and they fit 
amazingly around his big bubble butt, but are definitely too long in the  leg. 
Lucky I can just sew those up.

More new clothes for Caddy. He has about three white shirts, and I 
have come to the realization I just do NOT like this boy in white shirts. 
But Orophen seems to have picked up them instead, which is nice.
Pants from Raphael, another great fit!

and Orophen! Stealing one of Cadence's old white shirts, these pants are the first in
 Character item I really have for this boy, and he is rocking them. I'm not sure about the 
shoes, they look too big for him, I think. I put a pair of my glass eyes in him for this, but he 
really needs some in character eyes/wigs/everything, sigh.

After all this, I still have that Leeke order which is taking forever, and I want to get Orophen a couple ForMyDoll wigs, and I also have Rayna waiting in the wings. But all my doll spending is on hold right now! Because I promised I would buy myself a new laptop for the end financial year sales. My current laptop is about three years old, missing two keys, including the backspace key which is b!tch to press down,  and won't work unless plugged into a wall because the battery won't hold a charge. Yup, new laptop time! xD
Post again when I have something interesting to say, have a good day everyone!