Friday, 8 June 2012


I spoke to soon! The moment after posting my GETS! post, what arrives? My MonstroDesign order from Etsy.  Alright, stuff grab pictures!

What can I say about MonstroDesigns?
Stock didn't take long to make, or arrive
Products are a really great quality, LOVE THOSE WIGS!
I guess my only 'complaint' would be the packaging had a little to be desired. They were just stuffed in a box, no protection on anything but the glasses. Not really a biggie, But I would have liked them mm... maybe in a bag in the box. But seriously, wonderful quality on all accounts! Wish I was half as talented as the chick who makes this stuff,  just great ^^

You may also noticed Drea is again wearing's not intentional, just red is my favorite colour! Everything looks better in red, so I can't help but reflect that in my doll buys, and Drea is just sort of languid to wear what I like her to. I think she is getting a bit lonely being the only MSD in the house tho, but it will be fixed soon enough. 

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