Saturday, 27 August 2011

Back together again!

Today I re-strung my boy! He wants to say Hi!

I washed off the toothpaste and WOW did he come up clean! He looks brand new, just like when I first got him out his box, he's just wonderful and it just reminds me why I love him.
Now I just want to make him some new threads for the doll meet and he'll be perfect!

Thursday, 25 August 2011



Yes, I said I started cleaning Cadence today in anticipation to the meet-up. Yeah it's a while away but cleaning him is a big job! I have been wanting to do it for awhile because I though he may be yellow however this was not the case. His original coat of MSC was just getting old.
It took me about two hours to do all of him. I cleaned the majority of his body down first with some nail polish remover ( It's acetone free and clear so don't freak out! ), then ran a magic eraser over his parts. SO MUCH DIRT! I should have done this long ago.

But it did make me happy to see he was not in fact yellowing, and he has come up like brand new! I'm really worried about yellowing because he's my limited white skin so not only will he yellow faster and more noticeably, I can't replace him if he yellows.

So yes, after the initially wipe over, I then covered him in some whiting toothpaste, yes toothpaste. I read on the forums it helps to take away yellowing so if there was any, it will be more subtle now, and if there wasn't, prevention is the best defence...or offence. I forget but you know what I mean Haha. So he's just chilling right now as I'm leaving the toothpaste mask on him over night to clean in the morning, and that should make him all squeaky clean ^^
Here's a quick picture of my boy all laid out. I also took the faceup off my DoD Sha ( Orophen ) and you can see his head there too.

                                My messy work area ><

On a side note, The gallery has its first update! The pictures from my last two photoshoots are now linked under their respective dolls. Yay!

Finally some Updates

Yep, as said, I won't update much, heh heh.
But I have made some big changes to the blog. I completely changed the layout to something allot less complex ( I think it was starring at all the Lolita blogs that made me over complicate it, Haha ), and I've done a few projects with my dolls.

Since starting up the blog I have given my YOSD Soom Minette, an entire Lolita look. I did her face-up and made her dress from scratch. I'm really happy with how that came out and will upload some photos of her to the gallery soon.

Also another big announcement, I am finally going to make contact with the Brisbane BJD enthusiasts!!! I went through the meet-up forums on DoA and found the Brisbane one. They had already had one for August but the next one is going to be late September early October. Location and the exact date are still in the air, but it looks like it will be either the weekend of the 8th or 9th of October. I really hope it's the Sunday one because I don't think I'll be able to get work off on the Saturday.
I'm really excited to go to my first meet, and have already decided I will most likely take Cadence. He was my first ever doll and as such I feel an attachment to bring him with me. I will sew him some new clothes just for the meet and I hope to buy him a new wig in time as I'm so over Mohair.

Speaking of Caddy, this bring my to the last update.
I took Cadence out for a photoshoot just three days ago. I had him wear the stripe singlet and black jacket I made for him. I'm rather happy with how two of the photos came out and even used some photoshop skills on them! Nothing crazy, just blurred background and upped colours. But! It IS a start ^^

I'm going to start working on giving Cadence a revamp as soon as possible, starting by cleaning him tomorrow. I really excited so wish us luck ^^