Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Melbourne! - Before

In early April I decided I to go to the Melbourne doll Market which would be held in August.
Fortunately, work denied me the dates off for it, but agreed to let me go in Late august instead, just in time to miss Manifest apparently, haha.
Before leaving for Melbourne, I  picked up a few dolly related things. I ordered five cans of MSC from ebay, and brought some fabric at spotlight as they were having a 50% off clearance fabric sale, and as I don't need more than a quarter of a meter for most doll outfits, I picked up some amazing fabric in preparation for when Rayna's body arrives. My Souldoll/Soom Adamelli Hybrid. All this fabrc for $5.00!

Love those Pattern tules  ♥♥♥
You can also see paint retarder in the corner.
I'v been practicing with water color pencils, but before that I used much more acrylic paints in my face-ups. While I LOVE some of the affects I made with water colors, I really miss the dramatic affect Acrylics create in a face-up and have decided to go back to practicing with them again, tho there are certainly some pencils tips I'll be keeping too! This was also a really big buy for me as in the brown paper bag, above the white and teal fabric, are my first artist quality pastels! When I first wanted to do face-ups I wasn't sure if they were for me. I brought some basic quality pastels and if it was something I wanted to continue, I could slowly upgrade my supplies as my skills advanced. Well, these are my first! They are two white chalk pastels, and mark my turning point into high quality materials. I'm really happy to be upgrading slowly, yay!

I then worked for 19 days straight for around nine hours a day, or occasionally 11 hours, and that left my kinda too tired for playing with dolls much. My book case however, has had another shelf re-read as I came home, read, slept and went back to work.

Overdue Blog Post and Doll meet pics

So much has happened since my last post, and yet, so very little, haha.
Prepare for an influx of posts as I explain all!

After my Abigale post, I began working on some outfits for two of the characters.
The Bulk of those costumes are now finished, tho they still have allot of trims and details to be added. For me, seeing the two dolls I dressed and styled, really brought home what putting a photo story together would mean to me, and yes, all Green Lights are now on GO for this project, and I will slowly work on making it a realization  I ordered five cans of MSC about the time I decided this, and they finally arrived today, after six weeks. ( Yep, I should have posted this about six weeks ago, haha! ) So I can finally start putting on faces to truly bring my dolls to life.

In Late August or ehrm.. early July, such a baddie for forgetting ><
There was another doll meet! Gosh I really love going to them, those girls just add a whole new aspect to the hobby which inspires me so! And I got to see all of Alasse's Dolls as well as her amazing DVD collection and wonderful taste in Glee music, haha.

Of course we took some photos tho! and here are some of our fun little experiments!
Dreari is modelling the dress I made for "ABIGALE!"

AND! Alasse gave me this adorable tiny head! I just love that happy little smile and those cute chubby cheeks! I snagged a red wig for her, and am planning a sweet, red, freckle-headed, girl with green highlights in her make-up. I think I want to experiment with swirls too, bit of a modern pixie vibe for her maybe?