About Me

Jasmine is the short, quarter, Asian princess who runs this little section of the blogosphere.
When she's not playing dressing up with her little resin friends, she like drinking tea, reading, playing video games, and has a tendency to dress up in Lolita, Gothic, Aristocrat or Gyaru.
Jasmine works full time to support her little hobbies and lives with her Grandparents and Sister while trying to get her $h*7 together and apply for Uni.
Here are some tidbits

  • Favourite Movie is Labyrinth
  • Favourite doll company is Crobidoll
  • Lives in Australia
  • Likes bittersweet/hime lolita styles
  • Is a cat person
  • Is very friendly and will ask before biting ^^ 

Doa - Pikeh
Email - Shibuya.love@hotmail.com