Thursday, 25 August 2011



Yes, I said I started cleaning Cadence today in anticipation to the meet-up. Yeah it's a while away but cleaning him is a big job! I have been wanting to do it for awhile because I though he may be yellow however this was not the case. His original coat of MSC was just getting old.
It took me about two hours to do all of him. I cleaned the majority of his body down first with some nail polish remover ( It's acetone free and clear so don't freak out! ), then ran a magic eraser over his parts. SO MUCH DIRT! I should have done this long ago.

But it did make me happy to see he was not in fact yellowing, and he has come up like brand new! I'm really worried about yellowing because he's my limited white skin so not only will he yellow faster and more noticeably, I can't replace him if he yellows.

So yes, after the initially wipe over, I then covered him in some whiting toothpaste, yes toothpaste. I read on the forums it helps to take away yellowing so if there was any, it will be more subtle now, and if there wasn't, prevention is the best defence...or offence. I forget but you know what I mean Haha. So he's just chilling right now as I'm leaving the toothpaste mask on him over night to clean in the morning, and that should make him all squeaky clean ^^
Here's a quick picture of my boy all laid out. I also took the faceup off my DoD Sha ( Orophen ) and you can see his head there too.

                                My messy work area ><

On a side note, The gallery has its first update! The pictures from my last two photoshoots are now linked under their respective dolls. Yay!

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