Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Looking at You! [ Pic Heavy ]

So my eye order finally came in!

I ordered nine pairs of eyes from Captured in Glass over on DoA and here's a GETS post of what I got and a small review.

Of dealing with Captured in Glass through PM on the forum, I think they're a good dealer, but the person I was corresponding with I found to be very um... arrogant?
When I was deciding which company to place my eye order with, I contacted CIG to ask a question about some of the eyes I liked. They responded easily, but a few day later, I got a pm from CIG asking why I had not placed order. I apologized for the confusion, but told them I was looking at a few companies and was still unsure who I wanted to go with. If it was a language thing that mistranslated I have no idea, but the reply email, I felt, was very boastful. They seemed to think I was insulting them. They told me that most other dealers are just reselling their eyes, and that it would be better to go through them as they were the direct source, that they had never had someone question the quality of the products before ( I didn't even do that! ) and asked if it was a money issue. I was surprised at the response, and a little vexed, but just told them I was comparing colors and that I would let them know if I went with the other dealer or not.
In the end I DID go with CIG because they offered a low dome option which was important to me, so I pmed them again to let them know I would like to officially place an order for the eyes I inquired about. Much to my astonishment the reply was " Yes, we were expecting you to place order, so we have already put your order into the processing line so you will be made in 1-2 days," ( Quoted process time is 4-5 days )
Now, while yay for less make time, I found this really presumptuous of them. The only reason I picked them over the other company was the low dome option. GIC had less colors I liked, and was more expensive, so I really could have swung either way.
I also decided at one point to change from airmail to EMS at one point, the reply to that was pretty much " "Why do you pick EMS? It's more expensive, and don't understand your choosing this"
I went with Airmail, because I had to pay something unexpectedly and my wallet got tight, but who are they to question which shipping method I use? If they offer it, I can choose it. Why does it matter?
After the eyes were ordered, they were allot nicer, and actually very good with their customer service. They really are very reliable in their shipping, promising to remake the eyes if they got lost in the mail, and gave me a tracking number to go with my parcel. So lesson learnt, order yes, but ask questions on the forums. I probably will order from them again, but for my sanity, keep communications to a minimum.

Anyway on with the fun stuff!!!

So I ordered nine pairs of eyes, all 14mm glass, Low-dome with full circle back so I can use the pokey-out part to move the eye, haha.

Here are the eyes I ordered

Stock / My Pic
Y02-1: I'm disapointed because I really wanted these eyes for Orophen, but they are just so dark! You can hardley see the pupil in them.

Once again, not as bright as stock picture, a little brighter in natural light, but hard to capture

These are my favorite pair I received, and the ones I had most been looking forward to. They are just like the stock pic, capture light wonderful and are just perfect!

I brought these eyes with the intention of just needing a pair of brown eyes at my disposal. They are just the right sort of brown, not too bright and not too dark. Easy enough to capture in photography and lovely IRL.

Another disappointing pair. The Stock pic is a lovely cream colour, but they really are fairly brown, not at all what I had hoped.

These were the robot eyes I brought for Sorao! I thought these would have a very acrylic flat look to them, but very much the opposite! Another good pair.

Stock picture is pretty accurate, but damn hard to get a good photo of. I took like 11 shots, and edited them all, this was the bets picture I got...

Pink in stick pic, grey-purple in real life. Not what I was after. I will keep on the look out for more pink eyes

Ahha! and my second pair of favorite eyes. These ones are another good pair, with the spirals in them very clear and photograph just great. 

The quality of the glass is very good, no scratches, and all the pupils are perfectly center. While pulling some of the eyes out I dropped a pair, which bounced off like a $2 coin, but was unharmed at all by the fall. So I would have to say pretty sturdy. On the products themselves I would give them 8/10 because they are a nice set of eyes, but the colour of stock is not always what you get ( but pretty close to in most cases ). I recommend these as good fillers to any eye collection, and a nice way to start off, but I still want to invest in some urethane EDs, or if the heavens shine on me, DollFlower eyes.

Have some more stuff up tomorrow!


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  1. waa what pretty eyes <3 I have a pair of eyes from Captured in Glass and I think they're just gorgeous. I like your side by side comparison with the stock photos :o They're pretty accurate! It's also good to know that one survived bouncing about the floor without damage xD <3

    When I ordered, I asked for a custom, very tiny 8mm pair for my tiny girl xD <3 They came out great. They're lovely with customer service too ^_^ <3

    and girl, I just realized I wasn't watching your blog. I fail xD <3 I'm watching you now :D <3