Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eye sizes

Took some photos of the 14mm eyes in my dolls. I'm getting much better at positioning eyes! When I first started they were just deer in head lights, but now I can actually get them to look less dead, haha. Still working on emotion, but Im' hoping sure that once I master how to draw eyebrows, my face-ups themselves will add some emotion to them.

14mm DoC

14mm DOT

14mm Soom Minette ( Excuse the unclean head )

Tender eye DoT ( You can see the blue-tak in the corners of his eyes )

And finally, we're having another doll meet on the 12th of May! This time with a theme! Something Red.
We're only meant to bring one red item for the doll/s we're bringing to wear, but I got an idea at work and now I just gotta have it for the meet , haha. 

I guess it's a bit Ero Lolita. I want to do a more crimson based face-up to go with  it, and a little red diamond/heart outline on her cheek or lip. Inspired the Illmasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection.
Rather than have wiring in the skirt, I plan to do it H.Naoto Cage skirt style, but i wonder how it will look sans peticoat....

Still have no idea what Cadence will wear, haha

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