Sunday, 1 April 2012

30 BJD Things in 150 Days - Reflection!

Today marks the end of my 30 BJD Things in 150 Days Challenge.
It was a big 150 day, and its surprising everything that can happen in a third of a year.

I really enjoyed this challenge, particularly in the last few weeks when I really got into it.
I didn't finish allot of items on the list, there are a few I still want to do.

It was a great experience to do and helped me get much more into my doll hobby, and I learnt allot and grew as a doll owner from it. I also have several new things I want to do because of inspiration I gained from completing task. I know it wasn't followed en mass, but It was documented well, just for me,and that's what matters most!

So here is a link to all the completed tasks

Final Tally  10/ 30
ooooo, I thought I did better than that ><

Well I could have done allot better, but as said, this was a fun experience.
I still plan on doing some of the items on the list, like a joint photo story with a local BJD enthusiast, Give Minette a Tan, and make a photostory, but those are things I can do at my own pace.

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