Friday, 20 April 2012

Birthday Wishes

Nothing crazy to report just MORE DOLL ORDERS! Oh gosh, when did I get so addicted?

I mentioned in my original post about my Shale head, that finding a Soom TinyGem body is near impossible. It still is, but apparently Souldoll Resin is a good match, so I put it on my list of wants, after more wigs, more eyes, a heap of clothes and a Minifee. In short, she wasn't getting her body for another few years. But I was still averse to having a doll head lying around that I couldn't use. ( Lamalass is a special case )
So everybody who knows me, knows I'v been only asking for one thing for my upcoming birthday and that would be a SoulDoll SoulKid body in WS.

Boyfriend said no, because apparently he has something better planned
Mum said no because they can't afford it ( and Mum can't work an online order form )
And I'm not going to ask my housemates/friends to drop $204, not including, shipping, on me. 
But! My sister mentioned it to my Dad and VIOLA! I'm on MSN sending them the site link!
He was actually surprised at how 'cheap' she was, he was expecting higher end $500-ish. But nope. I wouldn't have asked for her if that was the case.
So now I have a SoulKid Body in preperation to be sent to me. I don't think it will arrive in time for my birthday, but I have yet to check SDoll waiting times. Hope it's not too awful ><

I'll post some concepts pics Later. But I can say she's going to have a pastel/casual theme, with Teal / Aquamarine eyes and pink hair. 

Also I ordered a handful of wigs, and a pair of shoes in a Leeke GO. I should have them in about two months, but mostly I'm just waiting on eyes right now. They still have not arrived. 

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