Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What I Learned from Face-ups!

Now I know I can't claim to be a Pro or anything, but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts, and a little bit about some of the not so advertised lessons on Face-Ups that I have learnt and gained from personal experience since starting face-ups.

Text Wall coming at You...

None of these tips are about technique, or How to do something or About products you should / shouldn't be using. Their just some basic ABC I think new people should remember when starting out, or more importantly, when they're on the brink of getting fed up and just selling their doll or sending the head out to someone else. I'll try to not repeat anything you'll find on DOA ^^

  • Um, First! This is going to sound stupid, but don't make idiotic first posts with questions. Seriously, not in the Customization and Aesthetics forum on DOA. They have a newbie section for those, and those questions can mostly be answered by looking ( not asking ) in the C&A forum. I think I spent an age in that forum before even starting, reading pretty much every post. It answers everything.
  • After visiting the C&A go to the Critique sub forum, and read a handful of  "First face up help" Threads. It's just as easy to learn form others mistakes as your own. It''ll help you see potential mistakes before you make them, or even know how to avoid them. All because you checked out the critique thread!
  • Clean your head! I didn't realize how dirty my heads were until I gave one of them a clean using Andreja's How to remove a face-up video. Seriously, amazing stuff! A Blank canvas is the way to go!
  • This is only a recent one, but all newbies should go check out Andreja's Face-up stories on Youtube. Watch ALL OF THEM! Yes, about number four they get repetitive, but you learn so much from watching her, Take notes guys! I normally watch one before I start a face-up to inspire, motivate and remind me of techniques. Number two is my favorite.
  • Keep a reference file. I think I have over a hundred pictures on my computer that I look to when Referencing. Like drawing, reference are good to have around as a guideline when you're not sure how to go. I keep references for everything! Eyebrows,  lips shapes, color shading, emotion, or mood setting. I have a mix of real people and Dolls for my references. Basically, just save anything you think looks 'nice' and inspires you I guess xD Also, for your first few attempts, you can try mimicking what they've done, and use it to compare what you could fix or get better at.
  • Make-up tutorials! There really aren't that many tutorial's on face-up about. There can't be more than 20 on DOA. So I really reconmend looking at some real life make-up tutorials. I like Japanese Gyaru style tutorials, not only because I like that style, but they have information on contouring, which is VERY important in dolls, because it helps creates shadows and define.
  • Make Time. I tend to only do face-ups on my days off specifically because I like knowing I have the entire sunlight hours to do them. Don't sit down and expect to get amazing results in a two hours face-up. I'm not saying it's can't be done, but I remember sitting down and watching a BJD Face-up chat room, and spent about six hours watching this chick do a commission face-up from start to finish. It was very beautiful, and even after that, she had to check with the customer if it was okay. So after six hours, this girl still had to tweak it. And she's paid to do it, so don't think your face-up is going to look amazing first go after two hours is all.
  • Be pedantic. Linking to my above point, take your time and if you see anything you dislike, don't go  'oh, it's okay' because it's not. Leaving it, you won't learn, and it will detract from the end product. This ranges from re-doing eyebrows a gizzilion times, to stopping and picking off dust flecks after a spray coat. Perfection is achieved by giving our 100% all. So don't just settle for ' nah, it's okay' Stop, fix it, keep going.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.
    And experiment! change things up, there are literally, hundreds of different ways to do things. Change your style every once in a while, you might find something new to like?
  • Last, Don't do anything you don't like. I know how this sounds. "Duh, why would I do that?" But this is my say on it. Lately I have noticed new people in the critique thread with white lines above the eye creases ( from watchign Andrej ), or switching to use the same paint as her, and I'm glad to see so many people giving things a new go, but just because it's popular now doesn't mean it's the right way. I still love how acrylic paint lashes look, and I actually dislike the white fold creases. So while it's fantastic to learn from others, keep in mind their preferences are not the same as yours. Weather that be doing your lip colour in acrylic over pastel, doing an anime style face-up or a realistic one. Do what, you like, and don't do what you don't xD
That's about it. Again, these are just the thinkings of a newb whose gather some experience with this stuff, and is slowly getting better. I feel each of these notes have come up in my learning, so take what you can from them, and good luck with your face-ups!

Anyone want to add something to this? I love hearing about things people have learned ^^

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