Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Doll Meet round II

Ahaha, no update in a little bit, but fear not I'm not dead yet!
I actually wanted to update sooner, but I was worried that another text wall would look ugly and cluttering on my blog, haha.

So here is a snapshot friendly update!

My last post mentioned the doll meet on the 12th of May, which came around much faster than I thought.
I was fortunate enough to meet up with Chari and Asia again! and while my doll interest was dwindling a little, one meet with them and I'm full ball back into the hobby. Those girls are both terrible enablers, and when I sit listening to their stories of up-teen many dolls, I always come home to my small ( six large ) crew and think "hrm... you know six really isn't that many" and suddenly I'v Justified three more dolls. Those girls are contagious. I didn't take my camera unfortunately because I woke up late and was rushing around trying to get Drea and myself together ( I'm so sorry Chari ) so no pictures from the meet regrettably.

In regards to the red dress design, I did end up making something, but it is completely different to what I drew out. I didn't have much time during my week to make it, so I was up at like 4am, day of the meet, making it. Like... the whole thing. Housemates also broke the crown I made her. Half way through the meet, Dreari ended up trying on a wig and new dress, so I didn't get picture of the red dress, but I plan to fix up her crown and do a decent photo shoot of her in it later. However I do have some photos of her current face-up I did just to match the theme!



I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, one more positive step towards my face-ups right?
I am SUPER MEGA Grateful to Chari, who without, this face-up could not have happened. Thank the gods of MSC for Chari.
Now bringing us up to date. This Monday gone,  Mother's day, I Cut up my thumb on the slicer at work. This means keep it stuck on a split for the next week. I can't mash A buttons, I can't hold a pencil/ paintbrush and I can't guide fabric through my sewing machine. So This week I'm pretty much playing Sims / Wow or reading. However! I don't need a thumb to take a photo! So today I grabbed a small shot of me new girl Dreari, or Drea for short. When my SoulKid Body arrives she'll have a friend her size, but that is still some time away.

Say Hi Drea!

She's wearing the pink wig and dress that Chari was kind enough to donate me, and what a difference it made! That wig is perfect for her Face-up and I really feel more bonded to her!

I also went on a bit of a binge this week. I made a purchase for some stuff for Drea over at Monstro Designs on Etsy, Orophen got some new shoes, Cadence got some new pants and shoes, and I bought myself a little something, hehe.

Also, I recently finished watching Nenstra's Videos on Youtube,  Go check them out.
And because I don't use my thumb to type much, hopefully I can get some Dolly Bios written out this week. Maybe.

Any way you're up to date!
I'll post again when mail arrives, or I take that red dress photo shoot.

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