Friday, 25 May 2012

Really, a Minifee!?

I blame Chair and Aja for this but this is what I picked up on the DoA MP tonight, haha.

Yes! After fidgeting and squirming about the over priced WS Ryeon head, a full WS Ryeon came onto the market. Lucky me, someone contacted the seller with an interest in the body, leaving me, the head!

I AM GETTING A MINIFEE!!!!!.... (head)

I am still not sure if Ryeon, Rena or Miyu is the one for me, but this is the first step. Hopefully having her head around will give me a feel for how this sculpt will be for Lenore, and I can go from there. oh gosh, me, really? a Minifee? I never thought I would see the day xDDD

...  SQUEE!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oooooh CONGRATS!! I am curious to see the WS as well from fairyland. I had debated about a WS MNF girl at some stage if I can convince the other half to let me get just one more.

    Ryeon is really pretty. I can see any of those sculpts, Ryeon, Rena or Miyu as part of your crew.

    Hope the wait isn't long!!