Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dolly Plans

Right now there is something on the MP catching my eye and making me think.

Lenore is my, early Victorian style, Tim Buton Gothic girl. Well less gothic, and more....haunted.
My Original plan was to get a NS Minifee Rena, and buy all the heads on the MP to see which I liked most for her. But At the moment there  is an over priced head on the MP right now for Ryeon I'm thinking of getting, but my issue is, she's white skin. I was pretty obsessed  NS, but now that I think about it, with Lenore being 1) gothic and 2) a Pale Victorian Debutante, wouldn't WS be more in character?

So I'm asking my lovely six followers, what do you guys know about fairyland WS resin? Love it, hate it, find it annoying to look after. Basically, I'm just trying to get as many view points as I can.

Inspiration for Lenore

On a side note.
While I can't do face-ups right now, I ordered some Pearl Ex Mica off ebay today, to make my face-ups all Fairyland / Crobidoll sparkly. I Should make a list of what I'm waiting on....


  1. I love Tim Burton. He does some very creative stuff.

    WS would work for Gothic girls. I don't have any fairyland WS dolls but I do have other WS dolls and I think they look great personally. Just be aware that they do tend to yellow faster than other resin colours.

  2. *Nod* I have two WS dolls atm, and Rayna who is also WS on the way. I normally go out of my way to MSC UV spray them, and clean with toothpaste and peroxide them....mmm.... about three times a year, so once every 4 months and keep them out of direct light of course. Grrr, just can't decide ><