Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hat Box Tutorial

I saw this adorable hatbox idea in a photo the other day, and I really wanted to try it!
So I made a couple boxes, and decided to share the tutorial here as well ^^

Hat boxes for your Doll!

What you'll need
- Paper Card
- Glue
- Scissors
- Something round
- A pencil
- Something to apply glue with
- Ruler- Measuring Tape

Making The Box

First, measure the circumference of your round object and decide how wide you want the base, and lid of you box to be. Draw these measurements onto the card, and trace around your round thing twice to make two separate circles. You sould have something like below. 

The wide rectangle is my Base, and the thin one is my Lid. 

Next, draw a line 1cm away from the edge of your Base or Lid, this will be our scoreline guide! Score it with the scissors or an exact knife like I did. Ignore the bad photo, it was on timmer and it decided to focus my stuff toys xD Then fold the score line so it sits at a right angle with the bulk sitting up. 

Taking the scissors again, snip all along the bottom half, almost up to the fold line. Your cuts should be about half a centimeter apart, all the way across. 

This next part is sort of tricky to explain.
Hold about 2cm from the top of the card, between your thumb, index and middle fingers. Hold it firm, then pull the card through your fingers, giving it a curl as it pulls through. This will just make the next step easier.

Apply your glue around the edge of one of the circle pieces, and press the strip onto it, following the circle shape. 

And That's how you make it! Repeat the above process to create the lid, and pop it on top

Make a heap to spice up your Doll's room and make it look like they have A HEAP OF STUFF!!! when it's just a few boxes, haha. 


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