Sunday, 25 November 2012

Let's see the Sun

Irrelevant title, But I wanted to post up a little photoshoot I did almost three weeks ago. It is really starting to heat up, we're almost mid summer. Enjoy!

Rayna: "It really is warmer than I thought it would be.
Not even a cloud in the sky today.

R: " It's still early Summer too. So everyday is only going to get hotter,"

???: "Are you finding it any cooler out here, Miss Rayna?"

R: "Orophen!
O: "Oh, uh yes! I... wanted to see how you were feeling, this being your first Australian summer,"

R: "I thought...It wouldn't be so hard adjusting to this climate. But I don't know how you can stand it,"
O: "Well, there are some thing you can do,"

O: "If you're staying outside, you'll need to apply some sunblock,"
R: "This bottle says it's Mayonnaise,"
O" Nope, it is definitely sunblock,"

O: " but we could also, sit in the shade, and enjoy some icy water," 
R: "This tastes so refreshing,"                          

O: "..............So, how did you move the couch outside?


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