Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Miss him Already

It is ridiculously suspenseful sending out a doll head for the first time.

Cadence's head was posted today, and he's now in the hands of the Aus post! God, help him.
I think it's almost as bad as when I was waiting for him to get here in the first place.
I'm fretting over how soon he will arrive, I hope I packaged him right, god don't lose my box, ahrg!
And it feels a bit like I have a missing hole in my gut.

My nerves are all a jumble with the excitement of a new face, worry I may hate it, anxiety about the post system, and then I will have to wait 4 weeks yet after he arrives in England, to have him completed.
And surprisingly enough, on top of all that, I miss the bugger. I really hope he comes back soon, looking better than ever, and I'll love him all the more. He just left, and I'm already wanting him home, haha.

In the mean time, I WILL get his body all cleaned up before he comes home, so it's all shiny for him.
And maybe make him some new clothes too.

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  1. I know how you feel ; A ; I miss mine the moment the tape shuts up the box. LOL They could be on my table waiting to go out the next day and I'll be crying all over it. LOL well, not crying xDD

    THE SUSPENSE!!! ; U ; I hope he looks awesome <3 A new shirt or something is always nice to work on while they're away, and it gives them a nice homecoming gift ^O^