Friday, 12 October 2012


Since my last post, I finally got my Minifee stuff all together, and I now have a complete two new dolls. A Soom Adamelli Hybrid, and my first Minifee Rena.
I would like to take the chance to welcome my two new girls.

Soom Rayna
FL Lenore

As you can see, they are two really different girls, who are both just GORGEOUS!
I sent out a Dollmore and for my doll order as soon as I opened them, and am really happy with some of my gets from them. FMD has some AMAZING wigs.

I'm still trying to work out a top for Rayna, but I'm very pleased with how Lenore looks. Getting used to the MNF body tho! It's just so different! Rayna's body however I am adoring design wise. I haven't played much with her posing yet I admit, but it looks sensational! And matches Soom WS perfectly.

Other doll news.
Orophen had a new Face-up. 
But it's gone again. I just didn't like the feel it has. It was based on Crobidoll Nia's default, and I think I did pretty good, at capturing the right blushing.
His new Face-up is similar, but I feel it is an improvement to my vision of Him.

These aren't his official face-up pics, just a quick trial I did to see if it had the right 'emotion', haha
And the answer was YES!
I feel this new face-up captures the feeling I had in mind for my protagonist of ABIGLAE! ( Yes, it's still in the works ) and is the one I will be using in my photo story Debut. 

I'm slowly building some room sets, Example of which can be seen in the below, charming little Horror Story scene.  

And I am.... content. With how it is looking. I also finished a shelf last weekend. 
Virus, above first scene, is also getting a new face-up. It was removed, and I will be painting it tomorrow!
However, I have no idea what I want it to look like...

Big News for Cadence. 
He is going out for a face-up. Yes, my limited edition SW lance will no longer have a type B default face-up.

Instead, I am sending him to Lynsey, UK based face-up artists of BANGARANG
I decided to send him out because  frankly the idea of removing that face-up of his brings me to tears, I couldn't do it myself. But it really needs to go. And I want to make sure I'm not going to totally regret removing his face, thus getting it done professionally. 
While he is away, his body is well over due for it's yearly cleaning and whitening  so I'll be positing pics of that as I go as well. So there is my super big update!
I will leave with pics of a face-up I did last weekend, to that adorable head Alasse gave me. 
Very happy with it ^^


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