Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Melbourne! - After!

Visiting Melbourne was AMAZING! And cold, haha
But this isn't a holiday blog so I'll skip the non-doll relate stuff.
I met up with two other BJD enthusiasts, and met up with a third one at the Lolita meet, yay!
They were all rally nice to meet, it would be great to go another time.
I also picked up a couple of Re-ment products as dolly props again,

BUT! The big thing, when I got back!

Yup, in there is the new minifee Body I purchased in a split!
I have decided not to open her up yet, because I'm still waiting on her head (s) and and I'm also trying to get through all the manga I brought in Melbourne, haha!.

This is the body for my lil' Lenore.
Minifee Active line, small bust, model legs. And she's going to have either a Ryeon or Rena head to go on top. When both heads arrive, I'll see which one I like best, give them identical face-ups to be sure and then see what I wanna do.  Till then, I'm glad to have her here ^^

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