Monday, 26 March 2012

More doll Plans

So, after the meetup, I have yet again come to the decision, I want another doll.
This time, it's a PlanetDoll 27cm!
Chari brought her little Aanya to the meet-up, she's the little one in the little tan one in the handmade brown and green polka dot dress, and I kept thinking about her.

For a little while now I'v really wanted a Pokemon trainer OC of mine as a doll, but finding Pokemon figures and balls for SDs and MSDs just don't have the right scale, at all, and YoSDs are too childish. I have never looked at Planetdoll before but I keep thinking of this girl and...I think this size would be perfect! There are several pokemon Gachpa machines over town and one of my housemates has a GINORMOUS collection that he might let me borrow that would be perfectly in scale for a mature 27cm doll.

So now PlanetDoll MiniTara is on my list. There are no pictures of her minni form on the website, but here is an owner pic of the 43cm size from DoA

I intent to send her away as well for an eye open and lip opening mod. I think the eye shape would be nice in a Delf Soony Style, but I wonder if that would make her look too childish, hrmmmm

But of course this is AFTER I get my Minifee, and I'm still making hungry eyes at Doll Leaves Even, ooooh he's sexy. I'm just lucky none of my dolls are limited, phew!

On another note, I also ordered some eyes through Captured in Glass over on DoA. I picked up about nine pairs of eyes in 14mm  so I can't wait to see them in person. I'll have a decent variety now, and I'm very glad to have finally done so. I should get a box or something for holding them maybe? 


  1. Oh I am glad I was able to enable you with my little Anya :-)

    Funny you should mention Tara because it was not long ago that I was thinking of adding her to my little Yo-SD girls. If you go to flickr and search for Planetdoll Mini Tara, you should get a heap of owner pics, both the MSD and the Yo-SD size Tara.

    If you order from Planetdoll, they take just a bit over a month usually. Although they do seem to have free EMS shipping around October/November and other free goodies.

    Minifees are addictive. Once you get one ... you may need another!!

  2. Ooh! There are some amazing picture of her there, even a blank face which is nice. She's almost exactly how I imagined she would look, and I cac picture her character on this doll waaay too easily, haha
    You are utterly to Blame for this you know ;D

    I'm just not sure which minifee to get. I fell in love with Miyu my first meet, but Rena has the prettiest little smile, and Ryeon was always the Minifee I liked most in pictures, le sigh ;;
    I'm thinking I'll get Rena new and if I don't bond with her, see if I can trade her on the MP for one of the other two, which come up more often