Tuesday, 20 March 2012

30 BJD Things in 150 Days # 2

Ah, I feel so bad posting this today ><
Today was the doll meet, and I really really wanna blog about that, but I'll feel bad if I don't update this first and give some attention to Sorao, so Here is an update to The List.

Even as I'm typing the rain's still coming down outside, but I still managed to get this face-up done!
I decided it was going to be Sorao who I brought to the meet. I think it was because I had just finished cleaning her head, and had bonded with her most recently. So about nine finish days before the meet, I started her face-up on the one sunny day we had. Cue rain for the next six days. So I pretty much had to stick it out at one point and just paint her face-up, regardless of the rain outside, because  I really wanted her to come, and she needed a finished face-up for that.

I'm actually happy with how her face-up came out. You can't see it in the photos, but I really like the pastel work on her eyebrow, not the water colour pencil, but the symmetry is okay. This is the first SD face-up I'v actually liked the results of, so I feel I have improved here! And here is Sorao with her pretty new face-up, and ready for the meet.

So there are 11 days left to finish my list.... This is soooooooooo not going to happen xD

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