Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Incomplete List

I know there are allot of thing I could have done before I moved into this rainy area, but it's pretty obvious that there are a few items on The List that  simply are not going to happen because of it. So I'm putting an updated list here, containing just the items I have not already done, and removing the things I can not do because of the rain.

6. Sculpt some mini food props
7. Create a photostory and post it to DoA
8. A gallery post for Cadence
9. Sew an outfit for Soroa
11. Sew and outfit for Lamalass
12. Sculpt Sorao's ears
15. Take a BJD Family photo
19. Create a full outfit set for at least one doll.
22. Make one 'winter' theme outfit and photoshoot
24. Make a photoshoot based around Sorao
25. Design a matching set for all my dolls suited to their personalities
26. Make a penpal advertisment
28. Hot glue velcro to doll heads and wigs
29. Tease Cadence's wig

So That an is an updated list everything I hope to do in the next 11 days, yes I'm insane. Guess this mean less video games xD

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