Thursday, 22 March 2012

Townsville Mini-Meetp

OMG! so now I get to write about the meet-up! ^^

Picture Heavy post gets a cut

I can not say how much enjoyment I got out of this meet, more than when I went to the Brisbane one. I think maybe it was just because of the small group, but it was a much more entertaining affair.
There were four of us in total including myself, and nine dolls. There was a great variety in sculpts, which you'll see in the pictures ( Yes, I remembered a Camera this time! ) and.....I GOT TO PLAY WITH A MINIFEEE!!

The girls were all just great, they asked me questions about Sorao and my Lance and replied very easily about all my annoying questions. It was just fun to actually talk to people about dolls who would respond with more than just a "yeah he's cool" or who just have an outside thought I guess.  In short, it was just so much fun! We're meeting again on the 10th, and I really look forward to it ^^

Anyway, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, there are quite a few of them! ^^

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  1. It was a fun meet wasn't it? It was so lovely to meet you. I love your girl's face up too. It's so delicate.

    You took some great photos here. Thanks for posting them up.