Monday, 12 March 2012

Being the New Girl ( Again )

As I mentioned, I moved house recently. Actually I moved back I should say,to my old city where I graduated high school. I'm now living with six other housemates ( including my BF ) and have take up one entire corner of the house for my dolls and sewing ^^ I'll post pictures of me New-New BJD work station tomorrow. ANYWAY! The point of this post is that while doing my rounds on DoA, I found another BD enthusiast who lives in my area! I sent her a small message saying hi and that it was nice to see other BJDs in such a small place. She responded back delighted to have me on board and gave me a quick run down on the other people in town. Apparently there are about four of us, which I don't think is too bad, and invited me to meet everyone sometime.

In just about about a week later, I got another lovely message organizing a group meet-up! There will be about three of us going apparently, and I am really looking forward to it! My last BJD meet gave me a wonderful insight into what the social side of the hobby could be like and I sincerely hope this will not be the last time I meet up with them all. Maybe we can even do group photo shoots or mini swap meets or something xD I don't know heh heh.

This meet I really want to bring Sorao! But right now, she has no face-up what-so-ever, and the meet is in seven days! Oh my gosh, I'm fretting over it. I know normally this wouldn't be an issue but the weather is still so muggy I can't dry any sealant in it, and I don't have a filter mask.
Hopefully I will get both in time to do this by the meet, and take my girl wearing that lovely DollHeart Fer I got some time ago.

Well that's my picture-less update for the while. My next post will have twice as many to make up for it, promise. I have BIG new to tell anyway so it kinda NEED picture heh heh. But as a hint, the "Runaways" title has a new name on it's page, just saying, haha

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