Friday, 2 September 2011

an old friend

So for ages and ages and ages, I totally thought I had lost my DOD Tender Sha head. I purchased it second hand on the DoA MP not long after it came out for the event and practically every one had them so i got it for around $60. I was really disapointed that i had unfortunatley misplaced a very dear item and I was loath to replace him because the going rate is now at leats dpuble what I paid initially for him

In a seemingly unrelated topic
My parents decided to take a trip down here from the 'Ville to visit my sister, step-sister and I. Unbeknownst to me, they decided to bring down ALL MY AWESOME BOXES OF STUFF that I had to leave there when I moved to Brisbane and counldn't afford to bring down ( flight weight limits ). They never got around to posting them either becuase there are like eight boxes and they're all 50% book so shipping is veyr veery very expensive. But the point is, I have all my stuff back now. And as I was opening boxes of video games, books, jewelry, books, ornaments, manga, CDs ( Yes I am still stuck in the 90s ) DVDs and more books, I FOUND HIM!!! He was wrapped in bubble wrap in my 'fragile' box that held all my figures, perfume and breakables. I'm so happy to have him and can't wait to make him look pretty again ^^ His Resin has yellowed, some magnets have fallen out and he's rather dirty but I think it will come off with the MSC coat. Lamalass and I are together again and even tho he is the bad guy in my story I think this little reunion had made him my favourite. Lamalass's character is also the only one of my dolls actually aware of his doll existance, he knews EVERYTHING, about him being a doll how he isn't real and how i created them all so i think he's happy to be back with his creator too. im so happy tonight. I've lived here for a while now and suddenly I feel like im home and I'm glad lala is part of that ^^

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