Wednesday, 4 January 2012


So with a move of address of my cards, I'm really starting to think about downsizing the SDs, like I have been for a while. I'v been searching for a while now, looking for sculpts that would fit my current characters, while also looking at some news dolls that I would like in the MSD size family. So for the new year, here is my dolly wishlist for 2012 IF I decide to shrink them

Fairyland MineeFee Kyle replacing my Crobi
DOC Too-A / Angell. studio hybrid - Replacing my Sha
DoC Tender Too-A Head Replacing my Tender sha Head
DOC Bee-A / Angell. studio hybrid Replacing my Shall
DOC Twin B (  / Angell. studio hybrid? )
Fairyland mineeFee Miyu
Fairland LittleFee Shiwoo
Luts HoneyDelf Choco

That list looks huge @_@

As you can see, there are more than just some erm... replacements haha. After seeing Lief's girl at the meet up, my mind was made about getting my own. She was so eye catching and I loved her sculpt! so beautiful up close better that what I imagined.
Twin B Has been on my list for Years, downgrade or not I'm getting her next.
As for the tinies, they're for a long story project my sister and I have about a woodland fox and rabbit who accidentally fall in love, it's a very cute story, a bit of light fluff I guess.

I guess if I could I would add some variation into my choice of companys, it's pretty much all FL and DOD, Lala could make a great Dollzone Mo, but finding an Oreo doesn't seem to sit on any DZ heads unfortunately. anyway That's my BJD wishlist atm. Lets see what happen hey.

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