Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Inspiration Spotlight: Andreja

Oh god, the rain has still not let up, but at least it's my weekend again!!!!

I'm not updating much, but I wanted to post some inspiring things.
One of my favourite BJD face-up artists, Andreja, who runs Nicolle's Dreams, has started putting up Face-up videos on Youtube.
Andreja's Face-ups are perhaps one of my most favorite out there, and she seems to specialize in Fairyland dolls, but she's good with anything. Perhaps one of the most surprising things for me was, that she is in fact a Melbourne, Australia based artist! It makes me feel hopeful I guess, that amazing artists really can come from anywhere in the world.

The videos are filming of her commissions as she goes. There are only three videos up at the moment, and they are just amazing! they really inspire me and make me CURSE THIS INFERNAL RAIN even more so, as I can't have a go at all the new things her videos teach me. But I highly recommend the videos to anyone interested in bettering their face-up skills because there is allot to learn from them.

and some pictures of her work

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