Wednesday, 9 November 2011

30 BJD things in 150 Days #2

#2: Do a Face-up for Sorao

Finally I get to cross the first item off my list! ^^
Today I did a Face-up for Sorao, it's not my first face-up, but I feel like I'v really taken a step back in my Face-up progress with this one, I'm not happy with it at all, and as soon as I took these photos I took it off again.

However, I am pretty happy with my posing in these yay for something good coming of this xD
Eyelashes suck, eyebrows suck, the gloss I put on drained out her lip colour, I have a long way to go ><
The biggest issue for me I found, is more putting emotion into my doll's features. Trying to find the right 'shade' to represent them in an eye shadow, the right angle to the brow how the lip line should be tilted. I also Can't put eyes in any other way than 'dead straight' it seems xD

Tomorrow I'm either going to sew for Caddy or Sorao OR start giving Minette that Tan @_@

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