Thursday, 3 November 2011

30 BJD things in 150 Days!

Lately I have been doing nothing with my dolls.  Okay, I have done nothing since the doll meet ><
So I really want to start putting more effort into this hobby, I want to get better and make my dolls into the beautiful visions I dream them to be. 
So, inspired by Cute_Shallot over at Sweet Indeed, I have decided to use her 30 Lolita things in 150 days challenge, and put a BJD twist on it! 

The challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Create a list of 30 goals you wish to cplete, and finish them with 150 days, simple.  

So without further ado, wish me luck, and may I now present...THE LIST!

1. Face up for Orophen
2. Face up for Sorao
3. Face up for Lamalass
4. Face up for Minnette
5. Make a couch
6. Sculpt some mini food props
7. Create a photostory and post it to DoA
8. A gallery post for Cadence
9. Sew an outfit for Soroa
10. Sew and outfit for Orophen
11. Sew and outfit for Lamalass
12. Sculpt Sorao's ears
13. Do another face up on any doll
14. Sew an outfit for Minnette
15. Take a BJD Family photo
16. Take each doll out for a public photoshoot somewhere
17. Collaborate with another Brisbane doll owner for a photoshoot
18. Make an introductory gallery or photostory for Orophen and Lamalass
19. Create a full outfit set for at least one doll.
20. Take off Sorao's ears
21. Blush Minnette's hooves and wings
22. Make one 'winter' theme outfit and photoshoot
23. Do another face-up on any doll
24. Make a photoshoot based around Sorao
25. Design a matching set for all my dolls suited to their personalities
26. Make a penpal advertisment
27. Join a group Swap
28. Hot glue velcro to doll heads and wigs
29. Tease Cadence's wig
30. Give Minnette a tan

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