Thursday, 13 October 2011

End of Hiatus


Long story short, I moved house and am now living with my parents again!
That's right, I moved! I'm no longer with my Grandparents, I'm now on the other side of town with my family. My parents work at the mines so I pretty much get one to two weeks a month where my Sister and I run the joint. It took me a little while, but I now have a new area for all my dolls to sit, a giant box to store all their stuff and a few boxes to make doll furniture out of. But enough about moving, Much more exciting is the doll meet!

Last weekend was when the doll meet was held over at Bandersnatch's house. There were 17 people and twice as many dolls. IT WAS BYOOTIFULL!!! T.T
At one point another doll owner and I were just sitting at the floor, dolls covering every couch and she says " Good to know where our priorities are"

I got to play with a whole heap of dolls and I think...I want an MSD so bad!!!
I played with a MiniFee and a DoC and MiniGem cute!!! I really liked the fairyland dolls and I think...I need a Miyu T.T Maybe I'll downsize my whole collection, they were just such a nice size and weight compared to my staggering SDs and I bonded easier with my Minette. Idk, I'll think about it more after Japan >///<

 It was super fun! and I hope to get into contact with one of the girl in particular. ><

Um No pictures because I went straight from work to the meet and idiot me forgot my camera ><

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